Privacy Policy

Please find out Terms of Use here: https://www.freebs.io/privacy.

What is Freebs?

Freebs is a classifieds platform for free things only. Our goal is to get as many people as we can to participate in the Circular Economy which is a collection of efforts that promote the maximum use of the things we produce or consume. The aim of a Circular Economy is to reduce the environmental and socio-economic impacts of our consumption habits.

To help people participate in the Circular Economy, Freebs matches users who are looking to hand off items they no longer need instead of throwing them out with users who could give those items a second life.

On the other hand, if you are looking for something to use, convert into something else, fix or repair then, Freebs aims to be your go-to platform to find what you need to get your project done!

There are no prices and our users are not obligated to pay for posting or picking items up.

What can you post?

Users can post pretty much any everyday use items. Hower, users CANNOT post the following

1. Firearms and objects deemed as weapons and or weapon components: Such items are strictly prohibited.

2. Advertisements: Postings with links to flea markets, garage sales, rentals. lost pets, multilevel marketing or any commercial activity are strictly prohibited. Marketing submitted through us is permitted and there are very limited slots. For marketing opportunities please contact us my email support@freebs.io with the email title "Marketing Opp".

3. Prescription Drugs and Medical/Health Devices: Due to health concerns any medical devices that have come into contact with body fluids and or skin are strictly prohibited. 

4. Illegal Drugs and Substances: Any posts of substances deemed or understood as illegal to possess, transfer or acquire by your jurisdiction in which you access our services and our jurisditction from which we provide you our services is strictly prohibited.

5. Human Trafficking: Any posts relating to, indicating or suggesting exploitation of another person or persons are strictly prohibited and shall be reported to the appropriate authorities.

For a full list of what you can post please read our Terms of Service: https://www.freebs.io/tos

Posting Freebs

Freebs are the items you want to post

1. Title and Descriptions

In order to allow the platform to index your posts well so that other users can find them, titles are required. They give other users a clear idea of what you are offering.

2. Images

We mandate that each post have an image so that users can see your items. Trust us your posted Freebs will be grabbed much quicker.


Adding a location helps with indexing so that users in your area can find your posted Freebs quicker.


What are grabs? Good thing you asked!

Grabs are the items posted by other users that you can pick up! To pick up, select the Freeb and message the poster. This opens a private chat room where you can share pick up times and location.

Terms of Service

Please find out Terms of Service here: https://www.freebs.io/tos


Each Freeb carries points that are divided between the poster and the grabber. The points are distributed once the poster assigns a user as the grabber. If this is not done, neither the poster nor the grabber will be awarded points.

We will be releasing functionality to redeem points soon.


Messages are of two types

1. Questions (Public)

- Use this when you are asking general information. Anything posted in this section is public. Please refrain from posting personal information such as addresses, phone numbers, and emails.

2. Private Messages

- Use this to exchange private messages with the poster or grabber. This channel is initiated by the grabber when they grab a Freeb.